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Embella – Embellish & beautify your own good looks! Simplify your life!


Our Castle Rock location is conveniently located about  20 miles south of Denver, and about 40 miles north of Colorado Springs – just two blocks off of I-25.  Plenty of parking!  Give us a call if you’re coming through and take in a complimentary consultation (please make appointment).

We happily provide the following personal services:

  • Tattoo Removal (lightening)
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Facial Hair Removal
  • Areola Repigmentation after mastectomy

Tattoo Removal:   What ***were*** you thinking when you got that tattoo?!?!?   If it’s time to lose the past, come in for a complimentary consultation.  Our method is faster, less painful and more effective than laser.   Check out the Tattoo Removal Page for more info!

Permanent Makeup:  Think of waking up and enjoying beautiful brows, eyeliner & lip color!

Eyelash Extensions:  NO CLUMPY SPIDER APPLICATIONS!  Get the best lashes in Colorado at our studio!  We use medical grade adhesives to add lush, individual synthetic lashes to your own lashes.  No more messy mascara.  Swim, work out, and look absolutely dazzling all of the time!  See the Eyelash Extension page for complete info and pricing.

Facial Waxing:  For MEN AND WOMEN – PERFECT BROWS!   And men… think about ridding yourself of those ugly ear and nose hairs!  They come out easier than you think!  (and it doesn’t hurt as bad as you might think, either – ask my son!)  We use high quality waxes that don’t stick and traumatize skin like that sticky yellow honey stuff you may have used in the past! Check out the waxing page if you still have eeber-jeebers about this!

Save time every day – and always look great 24-7!

At Embella, we take the choice of products and procedures seriously.   Only the safest, most effective products are used to give you a fantastic result that will thrill you!

Interested? Give us a call at 720 628-0542 to set up a complimentary 25 minute consultation.

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