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The “Story” of Embella & my Qualifications —-


First… let me say that the name “Embella” was hard to come by!  I’m not a “salon” (and don’t want to be), I do eyelashes, tattoo removal & permanent makeup (for the most part), and I don’t want to alienate male clientele.   Ugh.  Just try to find a name that isn’t either prissy or “salon like”.

Bella is beautiful.  Embella is to embellish your beauty.  (or good looks – if you’re a dude!)

Don’t shoot me.  It was the best name I could come up with.   :)

On a quirky side note…  When “Embella” was already in my mind as an option for a name,  we were painting and moving stuff into the new office during one of those first days, when a friend called me in tears.  She was needing a new home for her little weenie-dog-baby that she had rescued.  (I can’t say no to a weenie in need!)  The quirky thing:  her name was already “Bella” – and she’s now a part of my little family.

I guess the name “Embella” was meant to be.

So about me…

I’m Sally Thompson, a Colorado Licensed Esthetician, and I manage and perform most of the services at Embella.   After graduating from Esthetics training in the early 90′s, I found success in providing niche, elite personal care services.   While some salons/spas provide some of the same types of procedures that I do, I feel I can do the work more efficiently with better results because I’m not a “be all to everyone” in the way of services.   By focusing on doing just a few procedures very well, it satisfied my “detail oriented” personality – which provides clients these advanced procedures with exceptional end results.   I pride myself in keeping up with the latest products and procedures to stay “in the know”.

I also have a sincere interest in helping women regain a little bit of their femininity after suffering the devastation caused by mastectomy surgery & chemotherapy.   My own mother, aunt, and younger sister have all been lost to breast cancer.

I do have salon experience – owning my own practice in Minnesota in the early 90′s, then moving on to sell facial equipment and repping & educating for a premier professional wax company.   I enjoy teaching others how to appropriately care for clients and successfully build their own businesses.

Eyelash Extensions:

Late in 2008, when searching out the “latest and greatest” waxes on the internet (thinking I was going to have a summer of bikini waxes in my future!), I tripped across the Eyelash Extension craze.  Being that I just thrive in fine, detailed, tiny work, I knew that I could be exceptional (and happy) performing that kind of work.   I joke often that I gave up knitting to do eyelash extensions.   I truly do find the procedure very “zen like” – and I do enjoy the time spent with clients.

As for Eyelash Extension quality -  Sincerely, I have yet to see anyone else’s work that looks as good as mine!  (it’s hard to be humble!)   Also, I have tried dozens of adhesives (at a cost of $50-$100 a bottle!) to find the longest wearing formulas without compromising client’s comfort.  (some adhesives are quite irritating – not a good thing!)  I have clients that have had sensitivities to other adhesives (from different salons) that are now able to wear extensions without any irritation whatsoever.

In 2010, I began importing our my own line of products.  This allows me to bring in only the most reliable, and safest possible products for use in my practice as well as those I sell to other technicians performing this service.

Permanent Makeup:

In 2009, I had a very small amount of permanent makeup applied to myself.  I wanted to know firsthand what the client experiences.   From that little adventure, I know the importance of proper sanitation, following Colorado laws (her practitioner did not), and the importance of implementing effective anesthetics for the procedures.  Let’s just say I “can relate” to the client’s concerns.

In 2010, I achieved receiving my Colorado Certificate for Micropigmentation (permanent makeup).   I joke around that I feel like a “pre-med” student – in that the amount of detailed education as it relates to equipment, properties of skin, color theory, product choices, disinfection & disease control, as well as client communication & care aspects are quite intensive.  The reality is that in order to go beyond “competent” and on to “excellence” requires dedication to ongoing education.  As I see it (here in Colorado), the vast majority of practitioners (even instructors here in Colorado) don’t go on to learn advanced techniques, disease control, anesthetic properties, or equipment choices that in the end serve to give the client an optimum experience and result.

Yearly, although not required by Colorado (when you think about it, is really quite disturbing, actually!), I take a Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogens Standards class which includes a competency exam.   This assures proper health precautions are in place to protect myself – and you, as a client – from dangerous risks posed in our world by HIV, MRSA & Hepatitis viruses.

My goal with each client is to provide a natural, healthy look – every day -  that only permanent makeup can offer. By becoming a certified member of the SPCP and working with approved products by that organization’s board, the client benefits by receiving outstanding end results with minimal risks.

In the world of permanent cosmetics, it’s important to know that your practitioner has gone well beyond the minimum requirements as it relates to product choices, equipment choices, facility set up, and education.   Only hospital grade disinfectants are used for your safety.  My “Body Art” (don’t laugh… it’s what Colorado calls it) … anyway.. my Body Art facility is 100% compliant with Colorado law – with professional equipment and lighting to meet your expectations in comfort.

When you get your services at Embella, you’ll notice that you won’t be rushed in and out.  Every appointment is allotted a generous amount of extra time to assure great communication of your desired outcome, quality work, and a totally relaxed, fun atmosphere – including a break if you need it.

Peel Parties:

Here in Colorado – home of 300+ days of gorgeous sunshine a year – my belief is that gentle peels (even done at home regularly) are more beneficial while also achieving a more consistent polishing of the skin.   While there is no doubt that stronger chemical peels & microdermabrasion have their place – they are not recommended without the use of strong sunscreens because these procedures may impair your own skin’s function in protecting itself from UVA & UVB.

In an answer to this, I believe that clients should be able to learn to take proper care of their skin – economically if they choose -  on a daily and weekly basis with proper home care products.   So what better way to learn about the proper use of these kind of products than getting 2 or 3 of your friends together for a fun girls’ night out?

Down time:

When I cut loose and get away from the office, I enjoy time with my two long hair dachshunds – Lucy & Bella, knitting, sewing, needlework, going to the movies with my grandbabe, Bri … and in the summer, if you can’t find me in Castle Rock, I’m usually fishing for rainbow trout down at Monument Lake with Bri.  If you come looking for me there, you’ll know you’ve found me when you find the Lincoln Navigator that has eyelashes on its headlights… with the back liftgate open (dead battery from this is never a surprise – I carry jumper cables) …and I’m usually serving up homemade blueberry muffins to whoever else is around fishing in the area.   The drive to Monument is energizing – especially with the fragrance of hot blueberry muffins just out of the oven in the hind end of the car!    If you come, bring coffee.  Stay awhile.   Enjoy the beauty of Colorado!

I sincerely hope you’ll take the time for a complimentary consultation so you can be confident of your choice and appreciate what I can do for you.

Thanks for considering my services!



Sally Thompson, Licensed Colorado Esthetician #613482

Castle Rock, CO  80109

Specializing in:

Eyelash Extensions

Permanent Makeup (currently not offering PMU)

Facial Waxing (eyebrow/brow, lip, ear) for women and men

Peel Parties – a fun girls’ night out! Get your glow on with gentle fruit acid peel products.

Eyelash Extension Training – Classes for Estheticians & Cosmetologists to learn proper use of these products

Business building workshops – Make the most of your client base by building your business through referral programs.

Join the list of happy clients hailing from: Castle Rock, Thornton, Golden, Lakewood, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Arvada, Westminster, Larkspur, Elizabeth, Franktown, Monument, Aurora, Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Fountain, Conifer, Evergreen, Steamboat, and Idaho Springs.


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