Class Registration

Registration Info (this will also be emailed to you)

Class Date –

Hours:   Class: 9-6,   Optional 3rd model: 7:30 until 10pm


Class: $950 without kit purchase


$650 – purchase of kit is required for discount


$100 deposit due at time of reservation

Remainder of class fee due 7 days before class


Kit:  50% down at time of order – please order ASAP

Remainder due 3 days before class

Laws:  By paying for this class, you’re acknowledging that you accept total responsibility to abide by any and all laws that may pertain to you performing this procedure and/or conducting a business with this procedure.   No claims have been made as to what laws may negatively impact your business now or in the future.  Laws & rules are subject to change – it’s your responsibility to do your due diligence. This procedure may require a license to perform in some jurisdictions.

Models:  Your class fee reflects that your models for this class will be provided by you.

Please have one for 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM.    If you desire,  you may elect to work on a 3rd model or on a fellow classmate after dinner.  This is totally optional, but please let us know your intentions so we may properly set up for it.

Need models?  If you need us to supply models for you, we can arrange for them at a cost of $100 each.   For this fee, please know that they are sent a thank you note that includes a gift certificate – which helps us keep a good supply of happy-camper models available for the future.

Models are important – We feel that you learn better when you’re experiencing as much hands-on time as possible – instead of laying on your back with your eyes closed as someone else’s model.  :)

Meals and snacks throughout the day are provided for you and your models – please let us know your beverage of choice and if you have any other dietary concerns.


Kits:  To insure the best chances of delivery in time for your class, kit order must be placed 21 days prior to class.    Kit purchase is required prior to beginning of class.

Cancellation/Postponements:  You may change your reservation for a certain class date with a 21 day notice.  Postponements within 21 days incur a $75 class date change fee.

No refunds unless, due to our fault of some sort, that the class cannot be conducted.

Please know that if weather poses a problem for travel for you or your models, we’re accommodating people and will do our best to reschedule.

$20 fee for any check returned for any reason

Any outstanding balance will be assessed a 10% per month handling fee (or $20 per month – whichever is greater)

Kits, on rare occasion, have been delayed in US Customs.   In the event of this happening, all tools and supplies will be provided for the class.

By making payment, I acknowledge I have read and agreed to the terms of this agreement. Suppose half of haslam’s liabilities are in the form of debt

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