First, just a friendly note:
I don’t care for policies that cause nice people to pay more for things to make up for people that were standing behind the door when “dependable”, “honest”, or “courteous” got handed out.  :)    It makes me think of how much I’ve overpaid in car insurance over the years to make up for thefts, fraud, drunks, etc… oh heck… I digress… :)  … but you get my point, I hope.   Charging more to everyone to make up for the losses caused by a few.. ugh… it just feels so negative and WRONG.  …. and I  don’t want my business to function like that.  So… with that in mind…..
I appreciate the referrals and the great energy that comes from having your circle of friends as my clients.   I’m so very grateful for so many of my regular clients that have kindly supported my business to help it grow so nicely.   So to show my gratitude,  instead of spending dollars on outside advertising, it just makes sense in so many ways to “keep it in the family” by “spreading the wealth” back to my loyal clients that send referrals and are good about keeping their appointment times.    So I give rewards points to you when you send a new Tattoo Removal, Permanent Makeup, or Eyelash Extension client my way.    And you’ll get more rewards points every time you book your appointments online.
Sounds good, right?   Well, it is.    EXCEPT… there aren’t enough hours in the day to give referral rewards and also “eat” the time lost by late cancellations and no shows.
In implementing my new client system (which includes online booking for your convenience), the loyal clients now will enjoy lower pricing & there’s a  cancellation policy that doesn’t impact the reliable clients.
I hope you understand… thanks!

VIP Perks

To be a VIP:

  • Be a regular client in good standing for a year.  -or-
  • Be a client that purchases service packages.  -or-
  • Be a client that is on an Auto Pay program.
  • VIP Perks

  • Scheduling priority.  VIP’s get first dibs on appointment times.  On the 1st of the current month, VIP’s are able to go online and book into the next calendar month. Scheduling for everyone else opens up on the 7th of the current month for the next calendar month.


To enjoy a convenient time slot and a receive reward points – book your own appointments online.

Refer a friend! Receive generous reward points on your Embella account for new eyelash, tattoo removal, or permanent makeup clients!  See service pricing pages for complete info.

Come Early. I’m doing my best to turn this into a friendly, cozy place!  Have a drink alcoholic or caffeinated – or something in between.  Eat a treat.  Chat. Relax.

Please Appreciate Your Appointment Time. With appointments averaging 2 hours, if everything is going the way it is supposed to, there’s usually not much wiggle room in a day – especially on short notice.


Last Minute Damage Control: This is for your benefit… I do realize things happen.   So, if you’re running just a few minutes late -  PLEASE CALL ME  AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU’RE GOOFED UP  – DO NOT TEXT: I may not see a text right away! If you do your best to let me know there’s a problem as quickly as possible,  I will do my best to accommodate you (which usually means calling the clients after you to see if it’s any big deal if they move back 15-30 minutes.)

But keep in mind: Depending on what I’m doing, sometimes I can take a quick phone call because I wear a headset and can keep working.  But sometimes, I just can’t.   And lastly, if I’m on the phone, I don’t get text alerts so I may not see your text message until I manually check for texts later.  This is why it’s important for you to PHONE me if you’re running late.

After all that being said (whew), if I can’t work it out without inconveniencing the current or next client, or if you’re 15 minutes or more late, it may have to count as a “no show” , and we may have to reschedule.

Appointments (& cancellations) go both ways: I appreciate it when a client will wiggle their time to help me or another client.   Alternately, if I let you down, I will compensate you accordingly for the inconvenience I may have caused.


Appointments that don’t happen without a 48 hour notice of the change are considered “lost”: “Reschedules”, “Postponements”, “No Shows” or even some “Late arrivals” – sadly,  doesn’t matter what you call ‘em… they’re all the same in how they negatively impact everyone else.     “Lost” appointments are charged to your account.

The only exception to above is for severe weather travel advisories.  A rule of thumb: if the school buses are running, then it’s safe to travel.

Complimentary Consultations: have a value of $40.  While these are “complimentary”,  a “no show” is not free.  48 hour notice is required to reschedule a consult to avoid a cancellation charge.

Cancellations are NOT accepted on voice mail.  Call or Text! If you’re my client, you’ve got my office and personal number – no excuse for not being able to reach me.  :)

Please respect rewards pricing: Reward pricing does not apply to “no shows” – if you miss an appointment, rewards can’t be used to pay for it.

“Included” or Package services – No shows on appointments that are included in original pricing (package deals or specials, perfection appointments for permanent makeup, etc) will get marked off as “paid” – and the new appointment will have a new appropriate charge.

If you are interested in how we came to this point, and would like to read a letter that better explains the “why” of all of this (and you’ll get to know me a little better)…. ***CLICK HERE***.

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